Press shots from Féile Fáilte

Having rehearsed until after 11pm the previous night and knowing that we would be active again until midnight that day, I was a little reluctant to get myself and the dancers to Banna for a press call at midday on the day of Féile Fáilte.  I knew the day would demand sustained energy and I didn’t want to find myself empty by the time we got to performing Butterflies and Bones.  However, as we drove out to the beach, in the sunshine and arrived to see our Féile Fáilte encampment, I was immediately energised.  And I was reassured that the press photographer was Clare Keogh, whose photographic collaborations with Laura Murphy I’ve admired at Firkin Crane over the years.  She knows dance, knows the artistic sensibilities of the choreographers that she is working with, and she knows what the media would like.  She cajoled us into something that felt true to the work, but was sufficiently glitzy for media attention.  And not just us either: John Scott’s IMDT, Siamsa Tíre, the Rusangano Family and some of our Casement Project and Project Arts Centre team too