Communications, Reach and Impact Report: The Casement Project

From when I started thinking about The Casement Project I knew that communicating it so that it could reach many different kinds of people was a key part of how it would work.   So often in dance, we do great work, but don’t have the resources to tell people it’s happening, why it’s happening and what happened when it’s done.  Being able to tell those stories is important since there are people we can attract to see the work and become involved in it, as well as people who might never see a performance but who are drawn in to the ideas of what the work is about.  I wanted The Casement Project to have ways in for all those kinds of people.  Thanks to the brilliant Annette Nugent and  Kate O’Sullivan, we’ve been able to put together this report that tracks some of the way that communications worked for The Casement Project, how we did it and who we reached.  The ART: 2016 commission was an opportunity to show what dance can do when it is resourced to succeed on a large scale.  But I’m hoping that there’s useful information in this for many artists, funders, commissioners and programmers, regardless of what scale we’re working on.

Let me know, if you find something for you.