I’m Roger Casement: The Casement Project on Screen

Web-0025 Web-0197 Web-0413 Web-0584 Web-0627 Web-0685 Web-0812 Web-0851 Web-0971 Web-1030 Web-1036 Web-1061Over 83,000 people watched I’m Roger Casement on RTÉ last month (broadcast on RTÉ One and on the RTÉ Player). It was always important to me that our beautiful film would reach many people, many more than might come ever come to a live performance.  It’s a risk to offer people something that they didn’t expect but if you don’t take the risk then what we have to offer stays safe in its familiar but limited circles.  I’m proud that we were brave enough to make work that can infiltrate people’s homes across the country, delighting some (lots of lovely comments on social media telling us it was ‘captivating absolutely beautiful’) and challenging others (‘Is this what we’re paying our license fee for? Refund Me’).  The delight and challenge tell us that we’ve been doing what I hoped we would in The Casement Project.

Even though The Casement Project has come to the end of this Ireland:2016 phase of its existence, we’re going to continue bringing its knowledge, experience and heart to new people.  We’re in discussion about broadcast opportunities for I’m Roger Casement in other countries and are submitting the film to festivals where more people can see it.  Other aspects of the project will continue too.

Watch this space and…

keep welcoming the stranger.